Auction Action: Election Time – RBA supplies the bubbles?

On Tuesday night Mr Scott Morrison held his 2016  “Hot Autumn Nights” Budget party.

While guests were not required to bring presents, it appears that the message did not get through to the RBA Board who turned up early with a beautifully gift wrapped 0.25% cut to the target rate.  Plus the Big Banks went “in” on the present for Scott as well and announced they would pass on all of the cut straight away. There is nothing worse than not being able to play with a present at your party because no one thought to give you the batteries.

What is a party anyway without some self appointed “Masters of the Punch Bowl” spiking the fruity concoction and shaking up all the champagne bottles so party-goers get sprayed with foam?    The RBA guys know how to have a good time! Continue reading