The Glass Pyramid is a repository of ‘selected’ comments made by its operatives at various locations on the interwebs and the very occasional “Glass Pyramid Exclusive”.

No special knowledge or skills are claimed by Glass Pyramid operatives, though, when it comes to economics, so much pseudo fact and ‘truthiness’ gets peddled, lacking special knowledge or priestly training in the dark arts may be an advantage.

When it comes to politics, The Glass Pyramid looks for pollies who try to improve things – regardless of which team they play for – but there is not much of that about these days, so giving many of them a hard time is the usual fare.  But Gold Stars are on offer for those that try hard to make a difference and keep plugging away.

The Glass Pyramid prefers not to join an economic ‘school’ (cult is often more accurate) because becoming fluent in their belief systems is too much like hard work. Plus there is an entire industry dedicated to debating whether something is of a particular economic school or not and that stuff is not very exciting. But the Glass Pyramid does ‘borrow’ freely from many sources and tries to give credit where credit is due.

Why a Glass Pyramid?  Studies have shown that they improve transmission range by 33% (… and they have other magical powers and are not nearly as visually offensive as wind farms according to noted arbiters of good taste).

Why PFH007?  A pseudonym is appropriate for Glass Pyramid operatives because knowing who someone is adds nothing to what they write. The author is dead anyway – or so our more arty associates in the Glass Pyramid cultural compound claim.

Apologies for the generally shoddy spelling and grammar. Most of these transmissions are composed by Glass Pyramid operatives with one finger on an i-device, on a bus or train and they complain that it is really time-consuming fixing them in blog edit boxes.

By the time the operatives get home from their day jobs the moment has passed and just getting them to paste their contributions into this blog chews up enough time (time which El Doggo (Head of Glass Pyramid research) insists his servants might better use throwing balls to fetch).



Head of Research – In a recent speech given to the League of Civic-minded Labradors   “……most poor quality political economy commentary on the interwebs is due to the unfortunate fact that cats can type more quickly than dogs…”

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