Dick Smith: How to make buying Australian even easier

For many years Dick Smith and his team at Dick Smith Foods have worked hard to encourage more Australians to support local manufacturers and food producers.

Putting together a range of products, working with producers, 161224-dick-smithdistributors and retailers to give consumers access to locally produced goods does not just happen. It takes years of hard work and commitment.

However,   no matter how hard people work to explain why buying locally helps to support Australian businesses, growers and workers, the exercise will always be an uphill struggle if Australian produced goods and services are burdened with a massive effective tariff. Continue reading

Tariffs? – Unproductive Capital Inflows: Destroying Aussie Jobs for decades

There has been a lot of talk recently about what the election of Donald Trump means for world trade.

During the US presidential campaign, Donald Trump suggested the solution lay in the imposition of tariffs on the exports of countries considered ‘trade manipulators’ and since the election the talk has continued.


It has not taken long for Australians to start to wonder what all this talk of “new” tariffs overseas may mean for Australian exports and jobs. Continue reading

The Australian “Neoliberal Consensus” collapsing in real time.

This morning the topic of revolution was in the air at macrobusiness.


Not so sure we are about to get a revolution but one thing is clear the so called “neoliberal consensus” is looking shakier than it has for years. Continue reading

RBA Watch:   Westpac says DONT cut teh rates! OMG

Bill Evans, long time RBA twitcher, is harbouring some doubts (click link) about the wisdom of the RBA Board cutting the target rate further next Tuesday.

What’s up Bill?

Why are you suddenly talking about households buried in debt and the mountain of foreign debt (“external liabilities” if the word debt is a bit strong and you prefer to see something shiny when strolling through the paddocks).

Are you trying to scare the smashed avocado munchers (the ones like Bernard who can munch with abandon not guilt)?

Anyways this attack of bats from Bill’s belfry attracted some comments at regular Glass Pyramid leaning post – Macrobusiness – and they are reproduced below for your enjoyment Continue reading

Inflation alert! – Tassie Tiger sightings?

There are unconfirmed reports that ‘inflation’ has been sighted in the United States



What’s that?

Come now, that has been cured.

Everyone knows that provided you privatize the vast majority of public money creation (as ADI credit creation) and direct the created loot towards the inflation of asset prices and lining the deposit accounts of the now wealthy asset holders ‘going to cash’ who then hug their wealth closely and spend relatively little on the stuff the ABS measures, you can abolish inflation for all time.

It’s a marvelous scam and has worked a treat for 25 years.

If inflation is rising that means just one thing!!

Government needs to screw down harder on the little people as it is those leaners who must be getting greedy and bidding up the price of the basket of necessities. Get the money out of their wallets quick smart Mr Morrison.

Raise income and consumption taxes

Cut government expenditure.

If people were meant to have bread we would not have invented cake!

There, problem fixed and inflation can now go back to hanging out with the Tassie Tiger.

DISCLAIMER:     The Glass Pyramid does not endorse inflation as a cure for debt ponzinomics.  A reformed monetary system where the public money supply is created without an interest trailing commission attached is the best cure for debt ponzinomics and does not require ‘inflation’ for system stability.