Inflation alert! – Tassie Tiger sightings?

There are unconfirmed reports that ‘inflation’ has been sighted in the United States


What’s that?

Come now, that has been cured.

Everyone knows that provided you privatize the vast majority of public money creation (as ADI credit creation) and direct the created loot towards the inflation of asset prices and lining the deposit accounts of the now wealthy asset holders ‘going to cash’ who then hug their wealth closely and spend relatively little on the stuff the ABS measures, you can abolish inflation for all time.

It’s a marvelous scam and has worked a treat for 25 years.

If inflation is rising that means just one thing!!

Government needs to screw down harder on the little people as it is those leaners who must be getting greedy and bidding up the price of the basket of necessities. Get the money out of their wallets quick smart Mr Morrison.

Raise income and consumption taxes

Cut government expenditure.

If people were meant to have bread we would not have invented cake!

There, problem fixed and inflation can now go back to hanging out with the Tassie Tiger.

DISCLAIMER:     The Glass Pyramid does not endorse inflation as a cure for debt ponzinomics.  A reformed monetary system where the public money supply is created without an interest trailing commission attached is the best cure for debt ponzinomics and does not require ‘inflation’ for system stability.

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