The Greens: Can they avoid the fate of the Australian Democrats?

Are the Greens on a slide that ends in oblivion or just suffering a loss of direction?

Across the land many are wondering.

Everyday, the Greens become more and more like the old Australian Democrats.


A bunch of middle class political science ‘professionals’ and self appointed do gooders who are mostly disinterested in and bored by the issues of concern to low and middle income earners.

When they do trundle out policies that they think might appeal to lower socioeconomic groups they are invariably nothing more than centrally administered ‘programs’ delivered by know-alls that mostly appeal to those who have lost any sense of self reliance and self determination.

If you are not a ‘virtue signaller’, live in a “heritage value gated” inner urban white zone or a welfare state recipient the Greens have little to offer.

Middle and lower income earners need ONE thing.

More money in their wallets at the end of the working week. Do that and they can work out perfectly well what is in the best interests of themselves and their families.

The single biggest determinant of what is left in your wallet is the cost of living.

Debt driven ponzinomics, inflated and cartel gouged and tax farmed prices for land, housing, food, education and transport are what the Greens SHOULD be concerned about.

Address those and they will quickly find they are winning seats across the country and can actually pursue environmentally sustainable objectives as well.

Ignore those issues and they are doomed to be nothing more than the ALP and LNP with a handful of goiji berries.

In other words irrelevant – two duds are enough to choose from – and the electorate will dispense with them.

Whether the ALP can pull their finger out fast enough is the only question.

If the ALP get their house in order and decide to represent middle and low income earners for a change, rather than their generous mates in the financial sector and foreign interests, the Greens are dust.

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  1. The ALP will never represent the working class again, they’re too hopelessly corrupted by the very interests they’re supposed to be controlling. And they’re really, really cheap to purchase, even less expensive than a Julie Bishop. Witness Sam Dastyari and Penny Wong, both hopelessly compromised by Chinese government operatives throwing money and trips at them – meanwhile you have the finance and banking industry buying out former politicians of both persuasions to exert influence. We – the ordinary voters that they’re elected to represent – we don’t even figure at all in the equation.


    • All good reasons for the Greens to pull their socks up though their willingness to do a deal with the LNP to make it harder for minor parties to be elected to the senate suggests they may be too far gone already.


      • We’re doomed if we have to rely on a Greens revival – they’re hopelessly wedged between the commie idealists in NSW and the rest of the party (chardonnay tree-huggers?) who feel the pressure to become more popular and relevant by doing deals with the LNP (the Meg Lees path to hell?). And as an angry working class bloke I don’t think they get the depth of annoyance with off-shoring and 457’s; in fact I suspect they’ll probably make the jobs situation much worse.

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