ACT Light Rail the saga continues….

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If the ACT pollies need a useful project to keep them busy they could try this.

1. Simplify and reduce restrictions on how land is used across the territory to the bare minimum.

2. Remove the first user pays all the development cost of new land model.

3. Establish some express bus lanes with priority lighting at intersections.

4. Impose LVT on all new lots bought to market.

Sit back and observe what people do uninhibited by the obsessions, personal preferences and general control freak tendencies of the town planning fraternity.

If they choose to cluster along the bus routes in medium or high density housing that will allow more bus services and perhaps eventually light or heavy rail. What is more the LVT will be generating the funds required.

If they choose to live in the burbs and beyond without easy access to single origin baristas and commute in cars, fine – that is their choice.

And if that is not enough they can do an investigation into the gouge fest that is involved in constructing light and heavy rail in NSW.

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