Politics of Fear: Coming soon ….in 3D “The Economy Edition”

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“”…but my money is still on the possibility/likelihood they will try to avoid complete acknowledgement of what is unfolding….”

In response to the above comment by  that the Federal Government might still have its head gently resting in a large bucket of finest “Kurnell grade” sand.

Certainly the government has been spending too much time reading old waiting room copies of Readers Digest for news on what is going on economically but by now the ‘magic’ of the unfolding situation will be seeping into their thicker than average skulls.


Nothing conservatives like more than scaring the bejeezus out of everyone. No need for a plan or program of reform. Just fear and plenty of it.

Sure they have been running ‘comfortable and relaxed’ to appeal to the crowd praying for “Howard – Rebooted” but times have changed and it is not as if anyone could have seen this coming.  At least no one who relies on main stream economic commentary.

So the scene is set for an end of times narrative to get honest folks to accept someone rifling through their wallet, and thereby avoid the Government having to upset the “leaners” and assorted rent seekers who have been riding the Australian debt / asset price ponzi economy over the last 20 years like Liz Taylor in Black Beauty.

The only thing surer than this is that the conservatives will get bored very quickly with steering the nation through a wilderness and they will hand over power (or have it taken from them) to the ‘lefties’ to manage the bad times.

Then they can whinge about the ‘expense’ and size of government from the safety of opposition.

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