Dodgy loan broking? – Just a few rotten apples

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Barrels are limited to a maximum of rotten apples.

They have now all been detected in the mortgage / finance barrel and we can now relax.

That a whole range of lending institutions were dealing with these guys probably indicates they were smart enough to know that by spreading the loans around it was less likely any patterns in behaviour would be detected and any loans developing difficulty could be explained as a one off.

Probably only detected because multiple loans for a single institution went sour and finally someone (probably ignored for years) was on the ball and started poking around.

Fortunately, this plan was so amazingly cunning and the industry standards (bank and loan originator) so high that other instances using the same strategy are very unlikely.


…and this

Seems that one of those alleged bad apples moved around the barrel a fair bit.

A few filing cabinets will be opening over the next weeks.

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