Abbott, electronic graffiti and better policy

This comment was made this week at http://www.macrobusiness.com.au  (link may be locked)


Ironic how the only smart thing the government is doing was driven largely by a campaign of electronic graffiti.

If Abbott grew a brain he might start paying a bit more attention to the few places where policy ideas are getting really kicked around brutally.

If you want good ideas you need to subject them to a no holds barred flogging.

Political parties seem incapable of doing that.

Private Think Tanks produce the results expected of them

The public service is too scared to say what it thinks in public

Academics seem unwilling to participate (where are they? – the conversation struggles for commenters who are not retired) – all those undergrads banging on their doors no doubt.

If the government was serious it would set up policy forum website run by shit stirrers and policy wonks and let the fur fly.

But it isn’t for all the reasons Stephen Morris recites and so it is up to good old private enterprise.

Keep up the good work MB.

You should apply for an OzCo grant.

Call MB a site specific dance work that creates a conversation about identity, place and home

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