Could the LNP lose in NSW in March 2015?

This comment was made this week at http://www.macrobusiness.com.au  (link may be locked)


I can’t see the LNP losing in NSW.

The ALP in NSW has been in a psych ward for the last 4 years and have only been let out in the grounds for the last 6 months.

Nurse Robertson had them on deep sleep therapy to try to forget the trauma of ICAC but he forgot to lay off the pills in time to get ready for the March election.

Mr Foley is running around with a clip board getting the party to do star jumps etc but they will not be ready for match day.

(I have no idea who the candidate for Parra will be)

Mike Baird has such a nice smile – he ought to get the grey beard vote – even if his huge toll road will sprout up in the middle of latte land and he wants to flog off our gold plated extension leads.

Anyway – I suppose with Mr Abbott stirring up the dust and Mr Foley trying to stick him on Baird like an albatross, anything is possible.

But I think we are being too hard on pollies (yes I am as much to blame).

These days they are MOSTLY (some old school ones remain – on the endangered list) only low rent Weather Men who tell the weather but don’t know high pressure systems from the top heat setting on the hair dryer in their dressing rooms,

A better description might be Pol-imbos.

Political parties learnt long ago that getting the best talking head did not necessarily require a great brain to go with it.

If sufficiently simple slogans were used by the Pol-imbo they had a greater capacity to use a more beautiful and charming model.

The slogans are not a mistake and they are not used because the public is dumb or lazy.

They are used because that is the only way the great back room (but terribly uncharming) brains can ensure that the most beautiful and pathological Pol-imbos get it right on the night.

A Poll-imbo is closely related to a salesperson and that means a good one must have a good brain but it is not the sort of brain that necessarily understands or can develop good policy.

It is the sort of brain that instinctively knows when the audience is soaking up the smile and the assurances and the seduction is working.

The Americans have got this down to a fine art and they now have a drone army of Pol-imbos custom cut for every region and demographic. The gerrymandering makes it easier to hire to order.

If you want to stop the Pol-imbo army vote for someone who is ugly, uncharming but knows what they are talking about.

If they use a slogan rule them out immediately.

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